About DermaSpace

We are Pune’s newest secret.

DermaSpace is a one stop clinic of health and wellness specialists with a mission to help you discover your inner and outer beauty so as to achieve sound health and fitness. As pioneers of the concept of holistic well-being, DermaSpace brings the most advanced of treatments and therapies that focus on relaxation and revitalization...

From our humble beginning in 2019, DermaSpace is one of the best skin, hair and body clinic in Pune, founded by renowned Dermatologist Dr. Poonam R. Patil and Dr. Arjun P. Deshmukh, who have extensive experience in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Based in the heart of the city, we are a state-of-the art aesthetic and beauty clinic. We offer a broad range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a safe and comfortable facility.

We have niche expertise in diagnosing skin and hair related issues, which often occur either due to lifestyle issues or because of side effects caused by medication or hormonal change.

Our services include dermatology and skin surgery, aesthetic dermatology, lasers & cosmetic surgery and hair treatment. We have thus established ourselves as the perfect balance between aesthetic dermatology, hardcore dermatology and dermatology teaching.

We have a broad range of newest technology equipment including the safest and best lasers in the market as well the latest technology in facial analysis. We are committed and dedicated to providing high quality services to generate high patient satisfaction. We aim for excellence! Our wide range of treatments are specially designed to enhance your natural beauty…And why not!

Our patients safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide the best standard of healthcare in skin, hair, body and beauty maintenance.
  • Delight our clients/patients enough to become their preferred and only choice.
  • Become the preferred employer for the skin and beauty industry.
  • Work with the Medical and Beauty communities to bridge the gap between medicine and beauty.